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Current Issue: October 2020

, Independent Thinking Magazine, Nationwide Marketing Group

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, Independent Thinking Magazine, Nationwide Marketing Group

Energy Star Can Be the Ace Up Your Sleeve

When you present Energy Star products to a consumer that has been out of the marketplace for perhaps 10 years, you’re showing them the most feature rich, innovative and energy efficient products.

, Independent Thinking Magazine, Nationwide Marketing Group

LTO as a Lifeline During COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, LTO may now be necessary to allow you to continue servicing your existing customer base. Get to know the basics of LTO through experts in the space.

Navigating the Mystifying Marketing Maze

Determining what is the best marketing mix for your store is a multilayered process that involves matching messaging, media options and ad placement with consumer demographics, dealer offerings and budget.

The Speed of Connected Home Support

The tiny home was a great example of what’s possible in the world of connected home technology, especially in the form of GE’s Kitchen Hub. But the experience also exposes us to some of the bitter truths around the category.

It’s Time for RTO to Look and Act More Like Retail

With traditional retailers jumping into the lease-to-own (LTO) or lease purchase transaction and trying to capture that elusive customer who cannot qualify for or does not want additional credit, it is more important than ever for traditional brick and mortar...

Attracting New Customers in the Digital Age

The internet is filled with high-quality, content-rich websites that are designed to attract new customers and keep them there. How? With elements such as consumer reviews, easily navigable menus, extensive catalogs full of pictures and information and interactive...

How Leak Detection Can Save The Day

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure you have, too – the smart home has moved out of the “Jetson’s” era and into the everyday and necessary. Never was this more evident than on a recent business trip when, in the middle of a meeting, I got an odd alert on my phone. This...

The Rise of Connected Home

The smart home is no longer a gimmick or a fad but instead has become a part of millions of households worldwide. From the simplest of daily routines – such as turning your lights or music on or off – to protecting what matters to you most, your family, there’s a good...

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