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Current Issue: Houston, February 2020

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, Independent Thinking Magazine, Nationwide Marketing Group

Member Spotlight: Mrs. G Appliances

Lawrence, NJ-based appliance retailer Mrs. G Appliances leans in on the meaning of being a local business — a strategy that has lead to sustained success.

, Independent Thinking Magazine, Nationwide Marketing Group

Houston, We Have ENERGY STAR

At PrimeTime, you has a tremendous opportunity to see for yourself how energy and innovation can drive your business to new heights in 2020 with ENERGY STAR®.

, Independent Thinking Magazine, Nationwide Marketing Group

Digital Conversions Matter for Your Store

Conversions are ultimately an engagement with your customer. This could be an online sale or some type of inquiry about your products or services. The type of engagement tells us where they are in their path to purchase.

The Rise of Connected Home

The smart home is no longer a gimmick or a fad but instead has become a part of millions of households worldwide. From the simplest of daily routines – such as turning your lights or music on or off – to protecting what matters to you most, your family, there’s a good...

Investing “Outside In”

If your business is like that of other Nationwide Marketing Group members, it’s pretty good right now. While some uncertainty remains for the future, the economy has stabilized, consumer confidence is at an all-time high and independent retailers are winning!  With...

Member Spotlight: Hudson’s Appliance Center

From tragedy to triumph, Vince and Kristina Clarkson, the husband-and-wife owners of Hudson’s Appliance Center in Paradise, California, proved that even a historically devastating wildfire couldn’t bring their business down.

The Changing Landscape of Appliance Sales

By all accounts, the appliance industry has been less than robust so far this year. Although we came into 2019 expecting a slight decline in volume, those expectations actually turned out to be optimistic. As we made the turn out of Q1, the industry was down 7% in...


For more than 25 years, many Nationwide Marketing Group members and vendors have recognized that they can profitably grow their products and services business, build lasting and successful relationships with consumers, and make more money by presenting and selling...

The New Path to Purchase

In the “old days” (10 years ago), customers found and bought the items we sell differently than they do today. It used to be that customers would visit multiple stores, where they would be educated on the products that they needed. After comparing features and...

Websites, Who Needs ‘Em?

I was sitting at home yesterday when my doorbell rang. I opened the door, and no one was there. Instead, I noticed a box sitting on my front step. I grabbed the box and opened it up. Inside was everything from hand towels and sheets to spices and a little plastic cube...

Make Your Marketing with NMG Agency Services

For the last few years, Nationwide Marketing Group has asked what the outstanding challenges are for you, our members, to see where we can help most. An answer that popped up consistently in those discussions was “marketing.” Because while you’re focused every day on...

A Deeper Dive into Furniture Imports

Nationwide Marketing Group Furniture Director Johnny Lamp recently provided a great overview of the tariff issue and explains the varying approaches vendors and retailers are taking in their response. However, I want to take a moment to share some data that puts the...

Navigating the Uncertain Landscape of Tariff Issues

Over the years, furniture retailers have become well versed on how to handle the unpredictable and rocky terrain that is the retail landscape. Recessions, declining consumer sentiment, natural disasters and increasing consumer debt have become familiar obstacles. But...

Prepare for Share Is Prepared to Evolve

It has been nearly four years since Nationwide Marketing Group launched its Prepare for Share initiative to members. As Sears, H.H. Gregg, Mattress Firm and others started to flounder, Nationwide put together a series of data, products and services designed to help...

Member Spotlight: Amarillo Furniture Exchange

Within minutes of speaking with Shorty Hayes, it’s clear that he’s not someone who’s scared of a little risk. He’s got an eye for opportunity and a willingness to seize the moment. And those traits certainly have served him well as an independent business owner — a...

NMG Product Protection: 2019 and Beyond

The Nationwide Marketing Group product protection program has undergone a tremendous amount of improvement since the merger with MEGA in late 2017. And the product protection team believes that continuing to enhance the program offerings is critical to continued...

Store Visits: From Virtual to Reality

The question that every marketer wants to answer for their client is, “Are we helping you meet or exceed your goals?” Or, more specifically, “Can we directly credit our marketing efforts with an increase in your sales and revenue?”  The answer to this elusive question...

Connection and Trust: Where Independents Can Shine

A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same. Today’s consumer may be more impatient and tech savvy, and technological disruption may have fundamentally changed the retail experience, but independent retailers can still thrive if they concentrate on doing what...

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